Orbell The Takahe – Our Learning Dispositions


Orbell The Takahe has been designed to be our new school’s character.

Orbell the Takahe

The Takahe is a conservation icon and survivor.  This unique flightless bird has genuine relevance to the Te Anau area as they were re-discovered in the Murchison Mountains of Te Anau in 1948 by Dr Geoffrey Orbell (hence the name).

Orbell represents the five core learning dispositions we believe are important for a Te Anau School Learner

Te Anau School’s Learning Dispositions are:

  • Connected to our world
  • Live the FIORDLAND Values
  • Inquiring minds
  • Can do attitude
  • Effective Communicators

Orbell's Learning Dispositions

Connected to Our World

The atlas represents our knowledge of our local environment, NZ and the world we live in. This shows our students’ ability to adapt to new places, understand and appreciate various people and their cultures.

Living the FIORDLAND Values

This represents the pack which holds the values, knowledge and attitudes of a Te Anau learner. This is taken everywhere they go. It also shows the tools they need to achieve as well as their ability to change with the times.

Effective Communicator

Cups and string represents our ability to communicate in various forms with others. By speaking, listening, using technology, working
collaboratively as well as independently.
Sharing new knowledge with others in also
an important aspect of this.

Inquiring Mind

This represents thinking. Being a creative, problem solving, whole brain thinker, curious and inquisitive. It’s important for our students to be able to think independently, sift and sort through new information and apply it to their learning and to learn from their mistakes.

Can-do Attitude (thumbs up!)

By dreaming big and having a can-do attitude, our students will be able to conquer any mountain they aim to climb. Remaining positive, persevering and setting themselves goals is an important aspect of achievement.


Orbell is wearing:

  •  A greenstone necklace (pounamu) representing Fiordland/Milford Sound
  •  Te Anau School uniform to show our uniqueness and pride.
  •  Orbell has a friendly and welcoming smile just like a Te Anau learner.