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Te Anau School - Te Kura o Te Anau

Climbing our way to the top!

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Welcome To Te Anau School

Te Anau School has a strong vision of ‘Climbing Our Way to the Top’. Students use this vision to strive to be the best that they can be, whether it is in the classroom, out in the bush or in the playground with their friends. This vision comes from our location next to the mountainous region of Fiordland National Park which we are located on the edge of.

We are a school that loves to get out there and do it. We regularly utilise the National Park and our lake. We are part of Kids Restore the Kepler which is a programme to help restore birdsong to an area just across the lake from Te Anau Township.

We are a contributing (Year 0 – Year 6) school (U4) with a roll of between 280 and 300 students. We have a decile ranking of 9.

The school site is on Milford Road and occupies a tree lined site of 2.2 hectares in the centre of Te Anau township.

The community has a town/country population of about 2500 – we are a holiday destination for some people who have holiday homes here. Overseas tourists also visit us in large numbers, especially in the summer months.

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  • March 13, 2024

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  • March 15, 2024

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Orbell The Takahe

Orbell represents the five core learning dispositions we believe are important for a Te Anau School Learner
Orbell is wearing a greenstone necklace (pounamu) representing Fiordland/Milford Sound, the Te Anau School uniform to show our uniqueness and pride and a friendly and welcoming smile just like a Te Anau learner.

About Our Values