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Our Values

  • Fairplay

    Follow all rules in games and cooperative activities.

    Encourage and include others in their games and activities

  • Integrity

    Be honest and tell the truth at all times

    make good choices and decisions

    Be reliable eg return school property, carry out duties

  • Optimism

    Demonstrate a positive attitude towards challenges

    Try new things

  • Respect

    Use manners and address people by name eg please, thank you, opening the door

    Use and look after their environment appropriately eg books, school property, sports gear etc

  • Diligence

    Set out all work according to the School Guidelines

    Demonstrate self-discipline eg time management, neatness

  • Learning for life

    Ask important and relevant questions and use a variety of questioning techniques

    Suggest innovative and creative solutions

  • Acceptance

    Accept and respect differences in others and their opinions

    Show patience towards others in group work

  • Neighbourly

    Show a caring and compassionate attitude towards others

    Work and take part in a team / their community, with pride

  • Determination

    Set high personal goals for themselves

    Work to achieve personal goals

Orbell The Takahe

Orbell represents the five core learning dispositions we believe are important for a Te Anau School Learner
Orbell is wearing a greenstone necklace (pounamu) representing Fiordland/Milford Sound, the Te Anau School uniform to show our uniqueness and pride and a friendly and welcoming smile just like a Te Anau learner.

About Our Values