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School Uniform

Te Anau School Uniform

Our uniform reflects the colours that we see in the lakes and mountains around us:

  • Our uniform is cost-effective as it reduces the amount of clothes that need to be purchased each year and the majority of items can be re-used by siblings.
  • The uniform provides excellent school representation at public outings, as well as safety as children can be easily identified.
  • A dedicated uniform ensures children have clothing that is appropriate for school activities.
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Poppet Red Van
  • Te Anau School Children wearing their green polarfleece jacket and green polo t-shirt uniform


    Bottle green polo shirt with Te Anau school emblem


    Polar fleece top with Te Anau school emblem.

  • Three images of Te Anau School Children wearing their blue pants, blue shorts and green skort uniform


    Plain blue or navy shorts/ trousers (no denim jeans)


    Green and white checked skort (option for girls).

  • Te Anau School Child wearing a green hat as part of uniform


    Plain navy or green bucket or wide brim style

Orbell The Takahe

Orbell represents the five core learning dispositions we believe are important for a Te Anau School Learner
Orbell is wearing a greenstone necklace (pounamu) representing Fiordland/Milford Sound, the Te Anau School uniform to show our uniqueness and pride and a friendly and welcoming smile just like a Te Anau learner.

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